Our tour packages include several services and features that are important components to make your trip most enjoyable and for the most part, pamper our guests. Our intent is to give you the possibility of experiencing entertaining activities by means of awesome tours available in each destination and/or the relaxation and comfort the properties we offer provide. flower

Our tour packages do not include airfare for a very simple reason, there are many ways to get to The Bahamas. Some may want to make their way there by boat, or commercial airline, charter air service, or scheduled flight service. We do have special airfare from Florida to The Bahamas, which is mostly based on availability and cost. With this thought in mind, we have decided to add the transportation at the time of booking when guests can choose the way it will be most convenient and cost effective. Needless to say that we have to consider those arriving from other countries on a different airfare arrangement.

No matter which way you want to get to The Bahamas, we will be able to provide a pleasant full service based on your needs and requests.

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