Tropic Sun Tours, designs travel itineraries in order to minimize your concerns about arriving at your destination not knowing where to go and what to do. We certify that all services requested are delivered by top-notch professionals.

It is imperative to notice that services at times are dependent on weather conditions or other circumstances that might impair service providers to fulfill their tasks, however, when such cases occur we will work with our guests in order to make their trip the most pleasant even under said trials. Our main objective is to put together tour itineraries that will conform to your expectations and are agreeable with your budget.

Your great experience is what makes us successful!

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We can apply special airfare to our tour packages from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Other destinations please inquire. Also, we have special seating arrangements with selected chartered air carriers to a few islands in the Bahamas. Please, let us know what your preference is, so we can provide the service accordingly. Our regular packages feature hotel rooms either ocean view or other views, and our transfers airport/hotel/airport can be provided in various forms of vehicles depending on the tour selected. However, we are capable of providing accommodations with balcony or various suites with distinguished services in the hotels listed. For large families, we offer properties that have available bungalows or different kinds of accommodations that are more spacious and comfortable with prices affordable for your vacation. Please inquire.

We offer a variety of side tours that are suitable for the entire family. As part of our package it is required that you include at least one of the listed tours. As soon as you complete the form with all pertaining information and submit it to us, we will respond with a quote to the email address you provided. Additionally, we will include detailed information about each tour and its duration. It is important that you specify if there is any children under 12 years of age or infants, so we can price it properly and/or inform you if such tour is suitable for children. If you are traveling with a group, please let us know so we can quote it with the applicable incentives. Thank you for choosing Tropic Sun Tours.

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